Betty Ford Center
The Betty Ford Center

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Located in the community of Rancho Mirage, California. The main campus is 20-acres, surrounded by serene mountains, and adjacent to the Eisenhower Medical Center.

Aim of the Center

To help stop substance use, treat physical, mental, and educational deficiencies of children with substance tendencies and social risks emphasizing change without the use of punishment.

The process of finding these children in need of treatment is achieved with the collaboration of Child Police, Gaziantep Municipality, and our clinic. Additionally, the cooperation of the municipal safety department, demarches, universities, hospitals, and other official & civil institutions help seek children in need. Families can also apply directly to have a family member treated at the OBY-CYC.

Depending on the need of the patients in considering the family, social needs in addition to the level of addiction to substances, they can be referred, or transferred to other clinics to best meet their needs. The attendance and interest of other family members is crucial to the treatment process.

All the services of the OBY-CYC are free of charge.